[email protected] Request for Proposals Documents

Applicants are invited to submit proposals to provide early childhood credential programming, coursework, and supportive services for funding year July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024, by completing and submitting all requirements contained in the documents provided hereunder.


Learn Who We Are and How We Can Help

  • What is the Professional Development Organization (PDO)?

    The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Professional Development Organization (PDO) at the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) is a Pennsylvania Department of Education grant-funded partnership among four PASSHE universities (Shippensburg, Lock Haven, East Stroudsburg, and PennWest/Edinboro) and other educational partners across 62 counties in the commonwealth.

  • What is the purpose of the [email protected]?

    By breaking down cost barriers that often make higher education out of reach, the [email protected] makes higher education possible for many who care for our youngest citizens!

    • Early childhood professionals expand their skills toolbox and may earn higher wages.
    • Early childhood center/program owners and directors attract and retain more qualified staff.
    • Most importantly, young children in their care benefit from quality early learning during formative years.
  • What is the opportunity for early childhood educators?

    By providing no-cost/low-cost tuition and other learning supports to early childhood education students within the PDO, we are breaking down barriers to accessing educational credentials, ranging from certificates to college degrees. In turn, credentialed workers are better positioned for higher wages and are empowered with greater skills to provide the highest quality of care to young children.

  • What does ECEPDO assistance cover?
    • Tuition and fees associated with a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, an Associate’s degree, and a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education
    • Apprenticeship opportunities to earn while you learn
    • Technology supports, as needed
    • Success coaching
  • What are the requirements for ECEPDO assistance?

    Applicants must:

    • Be a Pennsylvania resident.
    • Be a current employee at a certified child care program for 3 months or more or demonstrate employment history of 6 months in child care if newly hired. Participants actively enrolled in PDO activities will not be impacted by change of employer as long as the new employer is a certified child care program.
    • Work a minimum of 25 hours per week directly in a certified child care program.
    • For child care directors make no more than $25.00 per hour; for child care teachers, asst. teachers and aides make no more than $21.63 per hour.
    • Be interested in pursuing coursework at a participating educational partner toward an AA or BA degree or a CDA credential.
    • GPA and course grades meet transfer requirements; a watch plan is developed for participants not meeting transfer requirements.
    • Sign a Pennsylvania Early Childhood Education Commitment Form.
  • Who can help you navigate the process?

    Our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you! Our Professional Development (PD) Coordinators are eager to help you find the right partner to advance your education and career goals.


As a PDO-sponsored student, you can access partner institutions of higher education and programs to earn a variety of credentials, an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at no or very low cost!

3 Steps  

Advance Your Education and Career Goals Today!
3 pathways to advance your academic and professional development
Child Development Associate Certificate (CDA)
Associate’s Degree, Early Childhood Education
Bachelor’s Degree, Early Childhood Education
  • I am so happy to obtain funding to attend classes. This is really helping my family, as my husband lost his job and I am the only person working [in my household]. I am finishing a two-year degree and will soon be the director of the center where I work. Although I prefer to stay anonymous, I do want to say ‘thank you’ for this opportunity.
  • Nicole Garland: All my professors have been absolutely amazing. They would get back to me in a very timely manner and help in any way possible.

    Alexis Garland: Charlene Frock encourages all of her staff to get their CDA.
    Nicole Garland (left) and her daughter, Alexis Garland (right) , Nicole Garland and her daughter, Alexis Garland not only work together but supported each other as they pursued their CDA Credential.
  • “The support offered by the PDO has helped me to excel. The flexible online environment makes it very easy to balance home, work, and school. Anyone who is considering this educational opportunity should take advantage of it while it is available. We are so fortunate to be able to get the CDA and degrees without cost.”
    Pallavi Priyadarshini , PDO-sponsored CDA graduate of Edinboro University
  • It’s never too late to pursue education. There is always something new to learn and apply in this field.
    Anabela Araujo , Spring 2022 Graduate BA, East Stroudsburg University
  • I started my first CDA course recently and am so happy this is funded by the PDO because without it, I would not have had this opportunity. I feel I will learn so much from the content in this class. My goal is to learn and grow with everyone. Thank you, PASSHE PDO!
    Susan Wallace , CDA Course Student, PDO SW Region
  • It was hard at times, but I took it day by day. I organized my time and made
    sure I still took time for myself to avoid burnout. Once you reach your goal, you will be so proud of yourself!
    Raghad Alisaleh , Spring 2022 Graduate AA, Northampton Community College
  • The only thing anyone has to lose is this opportunity if they don’t take advantage of it.
    Charlene Webb , PDO-sponsored apprentice
  • I am currently taking coursework in leadership and it is helping me in my new role as a director. The course has taught me proper communication tools to use with my staff and
    families, ethics, and the vision I want for my center.
    Amy Stuck , Director Credential Course Student, PDO Central Region
  • I am the director of a center in Berks County and want to say thank you for funding four of my staff who are now able to work on their CDA because of your assistance. Having quality programs to teach our future teachers and maintaining a Star 4 center is a wonderful match. I have had many staff graduate with either certificates or degrees in ECE. Your help with the cost is such a blessing. Thank you again!
    Lisa Zimmerman, Center Director , CDA Course Students Katie, Amanda, Becky, Heather PDO NE Region
  • Working with young children is very interesting and the staff is very supportive. This job is a lot more enjoyable than other jobs I've had. It's definitely more satisfying.
    Jake Thomas , PDO-sponsored student attending Edinboro University
  • “It hasn’t always been easy, but has been so worth it,”
    Martina Zimmerman
  • With this support system, there is no possible way I can fail at this. If you want it badly enough, the help is available to get you through. Go for it!
    Tyquanna Ratcliffe , PDO-sponsored-student attending Westmoreland County Community College
  • "Within a few days, I was registered at Shippensburg University and started classes. Balancing work and school has been a bit of a challenge, but a hurdle that I knew I could overcome. Knowing that I had the support of the PDO gave me the confidence to tackle several courses at once and earn A grades!"
    Diane Hoffman , Child Care Operator Completes CDA, Pursues Associate's Degree
  • Go for it and be the best teacher you can be! For that to happen, it’s important to get all the skills and education you can. The PDO made that possible for me and can for you, too.
    Leigh Ann Janicki , PDO-sponsored CDA graduate of Shippensburg University
  • The children learn life lessons from a very early age. It’s so important to shape their learning and behavior when they are young to help them develop strong, positive habits. I see real meaning from what I learn in class and how it applies to children in my care.
    Shaunte Sloan-Ambush , PDO-sponsored student attending Lock Haven University