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Early Childhood Education
Professional Development Organization at PASSHE

Director Jennifer L. Pyles, Ph.D. (at right)
Assistant Director Elizabeth (Liz) Knouse, MA (at left)

Undoubtedly, 2020 is a year to remember. While the challenges associated with COVID-19 have been dauntingly unprecedented, the pandemic also brought out the best in us as educators, childcare providers, students, and community partners. It sharped both our vision and our resolve.

Removing the often prohibitive expense, time, and geographic barriers that tether us to unrelenting budgets, schedules, and proximity to physical locations, the PDO and remote learning have enabled hundreds of students across 18 partner schools to afford, access, and advance their education and career pathways around work, family, and other obligations. The result is a new pipeline of credentialed teachers for the early childhood field.
Even with the stressors of COVID-19, economic concerns, and job insecurities, students’ resolve and commitment speaks to their professionalism and love for their work. We celebrate them and their triumphs every day. We are proud of our collective lean-forward efforts that enable us to celebrate the successful accomplishments of so many who ran the distance through some challenging times. And there’s so much more to come, including our 2021 efforts to power up the PDO Apprenticeship Program (stay tuned)!

The ultimate winners are the thousands of children in our charge during their formative years.
We encourage you to check out the “Year 1 ECE PDO Pathways” graphic that shows the many milestones we reached in the PDO’s first full year of service.

To childcare workers – Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to expand your career!

To partner educators – Join us in this partnership to advance professional pathways.

To anyone considering this opportunity – Explore this website and see what other student-childcare workers are saying about their experience with the PDO!