Partner Contacts

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ECEPDO Leadership

PDO: (717) 477-1899

  • Liz Knouse [javascript protected email address]     (717) 422-6328

  • Assistant Director
  • Autumn Alleman [javascript protected email address]

  • Fiscal Coordinator
  • Kari Delp [javascript protected email address]

Contact an ECEPDO Regional Grant/Field Coordinator

What help can a Regional Manager offer?

Regional Grant/Field Coordinators are the go-to administrative points of contact for all ECEPDO educational partners and programs.

    Northeast Region
  • Lane Coyle-Coburn [javascript protected email address]

  • Northwest Region
  • Lisa Ruffner [javascript protected email address]

  • Southwest Region
  • Amber Barkman [javascript protected email address]

  • Central Region
  • Kim Luxenberger [javascript protected email address]

Student Contacts

Contact an ECEPDO Professional Development Coordinator

What help can a Professional Development Coordinator offer?

Our Professional Development Coordinators are valuable go-to resources who can help early childhood professionals to:

  • Apply for PDO funding assistance (to help you secure no-cost/low-cost tuition and supports).
  • Find the school or program that best matches their needs to advance their development goals. Students SHOULD NOT apply to any PDO-participating educational partner (university, college, community program) before speaking with their PD Coordinator.
  • Enroll in classes.
  • Take advantage of other resources, such as free tutoring, success coaching, and more!

Contact an ECEPDO Workforce Coordinator

What help can Workforce Coordinators offer?

Workforce Coordinators can facilitate an ideal earn-while-you-learn opportunity involving early childhood professionals and their employers.
See more information here.

Contact an ECEPDO Concurrent/Dual Enrollment Coordinator

  • Kris Miller

Contact an ECEPDO Success Coach

What help can Success Coaches offer?

Success Coaches are being piloted as a new support offering to students in several Pennsylvania counties in hopes of expansion based on demand. Success Coaches can offer valuable mentorship on time management, study skills, career planning, and beyond.

Contact a Success Coach: [email protected]

Contact an ECEPDO PreK Counts / Head Start Professional Development Coordinator

  • Ranee Henderson