ANGIE CARROLL IS THE QUINTESSENTIAL COMBINATION of determination, drive, and dedication. The proof-positive is the CDA Credential she earned from PennWest/Edinboro in April 2022, the ECE Apprenticeship she completed and her role as an Apprenticeship Coach in her center, as well as her current pursuant of an Associate’s degree at Clarion University. Angie started college at Clarion straight out of high school and began studies in Education. She took a break to start a family and to work in early childhood education. It was at a former place of employment that she learned of the PDO funding educational and apprenticeship opportunities.

“Going back to school has been a dream come true,” Angie says, noting that as a student herself, she encourages both of her own children — a high schooler and college sophomore. Today, Angie is a lead teacher to 21 three-five-year-olds at Building Blocks Child Center in Grace Chapel Church in Hermitage, PA. “I teach and care for some autistic children. Since one of my own children has autism, I am able to offer life experience and compassion from a place of understanding. That is helpful when behavior redirection is necessary,” she adds. “My instructors and the PDO team have been amazing. Without PDO funding and the support of the PDO team and my family, this would not be possible.”