MEGAN BURDINSKI has always loved children and thought one of her dreams came true when she was hired at an early learning program in 2020. Since 2022, she has taught at the Carlisle Early Education Center, where she
is a lead teacher.

Megan’s deep desire to make a positive difference in the lives of young children was influenced by her own experience, which was sometimes difficult. “As a child, I felt like I never truly fit in a classroom. I struggled academically and felt like the teachers just didn’t understand me. By working in this field, I hope I can make more children feel like they do fit into a classroom and are understood,” she explains.

In 2022, Megan’s center director shared the PDO-funded educational opportunity with her. “I never really liked school, but I chose to give it a shot because I know I want to work with children as a career. [PDO-funded coursework] was a way to reach my goal of providing quality care to the children I am with and hopefully someday, will earn higher pay and not have to work two jobs,” she shares.

Megan’s ability to master time management proved successful, as she earned her CDA Certificate through Penn-AEYC in July 2023. She is currently pursuing an Associate’s degree at Delaware County Community College.

“Working two jobs, taking care of my daughter, and doing school work is a lot. Some weeks I don’t know if I am going to be able to do it all, but somehow always do. Lists are a lifesaver. I come up with a plan every Sunday on how I am going to make it work. I try to tackle the hardest things on my list first so the end of the week is not stressful,” she says.

Megan offers herself grace when she makes mistakes or doesn’t hit her targets exactly when she wants. “Going to school and working is extremely hard, but I know someday it will be worth it and will look back and think, ‘wow, I did it’!” Keep at it, Megan—YOU CAN DO IT!